Lead Generation: Proven Ways Content Providers Can Make a Difference

by Jenny on April 16, 2013

Are you finding that your online sales funnel is almost always empty? You have a blog as an extension of your main websites, but just can’t seem to generate any leads? There are many reasons for this, but the most obvious and often committed blogging sin is that you are not using qualified content providers to bring life to your blog pages. Instead you may be doing the blogging yourself or asking just about anyone to write something, hoping for a miracle or a drastic sign to change the low demand tide. Freelance writers can do more for your blog than use creative words on your pages. A professional content provider can make you generate leads in the following ways:

  • No regurgitation:  Some businesses make the mistake of only posting press releases to their blogs and nothing else. Others just regurgitate marketing material to fill the empty spaces on the blogs. These two approaches are wrong, because the business fails to listen to the feedback from clients to guide their content. Instead, they adopt only a marketing approach online. Content for blogs should have personality and include information that help your audience, show insightful tips and connect your clients even more with your brands.
  • Not Absent: A freelance writer’s work and profession revolve around writing. Your staff and even yourself on the other hand may not be writers and also not have the time to plan blog posts. A professional content writer will provide regular updates to your blog so that you are always reaching out to the online community. In other words you are not an absent brand.  

Your online presence is interconnected with the content you write and share. Whether you choose to use articles, digital content or a combination of both, you can work with a professional that can improve your online presence on a consistent basis.

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