Less Privacy for Facebook Users?

by Jenny on October 26, 2010

With Bing integrating more Facebook data into their search engine results, a move similar to what they did when they incorporated more data from YouTube, Twitter and blog sites. The Bing-Facebook relationship will create major changes in search results and more of the social data will be picked up. This move has many positive effects but there are also some people who would find it a bit negative.

If you are one of those who use Facebook as a marketing strategy, coming out in search engine results is to your advantage. The “like” button data will be gathered and it will appear, reflecting if a person likes a particular place, group, or any of the numerous things that can be liked on Facebook. This is a way for you to use a content strategy while using the most widely accessed social networking site.

Yet, there are more people who are part of this social networking site that do not use it for marketing. The alliance of Bing and Facebook might be in a way an invasion of their privacy. If you are one of the many who do not want your profile accessed, don’t put up your picture, and have blocked certain people in Facebook, will Bing still show your name when it is searched for?

If you conduct a Google yourself right now you will see that your name might come out in the search engine results for Facebook. Your profile picture might appear and whatever privacy settings you used will be reflected. The data from Facebook that will be gathered by Bing will be more detailed and it is still yet to be discovered if any of the Facebook users privacy is not respected.

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