Looking for the Best Blog Writers? Look for One That’s Not on ‘Automatic’

You’ve decided to hire a blog writer to take care of your blog content for you. But this is your company’s blog – it’s the online face of your business. You can’t let just anybody write for it; you need the best blog writer.  So how do you find them?

You can look for a number of things when it comes to finding someone to write your blog for you. But they can all be summed up one way: look for one that doesn’t write on automatic. But just what does that mean?

In today’s online environment, the focus has unfortunately been placed on quantity, and not quality. And while the search engines do like it when websites are updated regularly, the idea is also not to simply churn out as much content as you want. While the search engines may not realize that it’s poorly written, even though all the keywords are there, your readers will. And when they see that you’re not publishing quality content, they won’t be back; and all of your SEO efforts and other hard work will be rendered useless.

This poor quality content is usually a result of writers, whether they’re online content writers or the business owner themselves, not really putting their best effort into that writing. Business owners often don’t have the time to write any content at all; while freelance writers sometimes unfortunately just want to push out as many orders as possible in a day, or an hour.

This is what happens when writers write on automatic, and it’s clearly evident in their writing.

When writers don’t write on automatic, but rather focus on the quality of content they’re publishing, you get a much better end product that is clear and interesting to the reader; and that can still get ranked high in the search engines.

A dedicated writer will take the time to fully research any topic you give them, and will ask questions when they need clarification. They will ensure that each blog post or article is entirely unique from the one before, and that they’re doing much more than simply stuffing a blog post with keywords.

Even though the actual readability of a website may not directly catch the attention of the search engines, indirectly you will be boosted in the rankings. This is because the more interesting and easy to read your website, the more people will come to your website to continue to get interesting information. That will get noticed in the search engines and your site could very well be placed higher in the rankings because of it.

When you’re not looking for just any writer, but the very best one for your blog, come see us at Business Blog Writers. We put all of our effort into every piece we create – and we never run on automatic!

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