Make Blog Comments Work For Your Company Blog

by Jenny on April 6, 2011

Make Blog Comments Work For Your Company BlogTrade commenting is a phenomenon that’s slowly becoming common across the blogosphere. It’s when people visit your company blog writing comments and expect you to visit their own sites and vice versa. However, not all comments generate reciprocity. Only those that are of value to blog owners get a courtesy visit.

How you comment on other business blogs matters because it represents your company’s profile. It’s like a sneak preview of what your business blog content is all about. The goal here is to leave a comment that stands out and leaves readers piqued to click on your blog link.

First, you need to think outside the box. If the topic discussed on the blog post is significant to you, try to add more value to it by providing additional information. Second, you can also give your personal insight on the subject matter. Don’t be afraid to disagree with the blog author. Third, you can cite a personal experience to support the subject matter. Finally, you can leave a thought provoking question in relation to the topic.

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