Marketing In the Age of Google Review

by Jenny on August 18, 2010

Marketing in the Age of GoogleCompetition is tough, especially in the online world, and it can be hard to formulate a business strategy that can help one’s business improve through the Internet. The book “Marketing in the Age of Google” provides simple and non-technical advice on how to go about this. After all, one’s online strategy – no matter how unimportant it may have seemed – should be one’s business strategy.
Many business owners may not know how important it is to become visible on the Internet and especially on the search engines, like Google. Even if they did, most of them lack the technical expertise in going about these things and end up doing them wrong or doing none at all. The book’s author, Vanessa Fox, had in fact had problems with SEO and SEM tips and tricks herself.

At the beginning of the book, she clearly states how much businesses spend on paid ads alone but potential customers mostly click on the nonpaid results. It is here that knowing certain corporate blogging tips become important. After all, it is through the right use of the corporate weblog that a business tops search engine results.

It is important to know that most of the results that Google returns are unpaid ones and it is around this fact that the tips in the book revolves around. Aside from business owners, the book is highly recommended by business blog writers to get a full idea of the benefits of blogging and content on your blog.

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