Marketing Strategy with the Power of Text

by Jenny on October 6, 2010

Marketing Strategy with the Power of TextNearly everyone has a cell phone and most people read the text messages they get within an hour of receipt. Nowadays, SMS messages are the preferred marketing tool of many multi-national companies like McDonald’s, Walgreens and Pepsi because of the advantages that a text message has.

SMS messages place you in direct contact with your target market since you can send your info or promotional ad to them nearly anywhere they are, and they can open and read it, unlike e-mails which usually end up being deleted. To be able to use the power of text to tap potential customers in your area, you need to have access to a database people who subscribe to receive promotional ads.

You can start your own listing or access a huge data source of people who have subscribe to get local deals. One company that has this database is Qittle text marketing solutions, which you can use to send SMS messages from your computer to the subscribers. You also will be able to send promotional text messages to your existing clients using Qittle’s services.

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