Master Trade Secrets Revealed: How Major Search Engines Decide Who Ranks First and What It Means for Your Business In Just 2 Days

by Jenny on September 10, 2012

I know.  It's a lengthy title.  But who can resist the thrill of taking a peak into the trade secrets that power major search engines?  Relax, 007.  You don't need a Walther PPK for this mission, just curiosity.

Companies jealously guard their trade secrets. After all, you don't want some upstart to gain a competitive edge on your business.  So, too, is the case with Google and Yahoo.  To be truly competitive in the world of e-commerce, your businesses' website must be ranked by Google and Yahoo. A web content writing service can help you accomplish this feat through judicious use of SEO product descriptions designed to elevate you in the search engine rankings. Once your website is indexed, you're on a roll, but not necessarily destined for page one.  Here's where the trade secrets come in.

The criteria by which Google and Yahoo decide who goes first, and who ends up last, is determined by a process known as "filtering and ranking". Google uses a highly complex mathematical algorithm to sort through indexes and links, and it changes constantly.  Now that Yahoo has hired away former Google Exec Marissa Mayer as its new Chief Executive Officer, look for some of Goggle's algorithmic methodology to rub off.  Bottom line for your business: employ digital content creation to help make it to the top.

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