Merry Christmas! How to Create a Great Blog Post from Christmas

by Jenny on December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate this holiday.

When it comes to content creation for your blog, one of the biggest struggles is coming up with topic ideas.

As a business, holidays can be touchy because of political correctness, so sometimes it’s best to just go with the more neutral holidays like Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

But there’s no reason why you cannot celebrate Christmas on your blog or any other holiday for that matter.

  • Share Holiday Party Photos – does your office have a holiday party? Share photos of your holiday party with your blog readers and give them a little insight into the "personal" side of your company.
  • Donations – does your company make a large donation to a charity?  Talk about it on your blog!  If you have photos of the donation (for example, if you do a food drive or something along those lines, then snap a few photos on your iPhone) load them for a blog post.
  • Interview Employees – whether you have a diverse set of religious beliefs or not, you can always intereview your employees and ask them what their favorite part about this time of year is.

How have you used holidays to enhance your business blogging experience?

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