New Concepts in Blogging and Social Media on the Frontiers of Science

by Jenny on September 4, 2012

Scientific purists might find it stranger than fiction, like twisted versions of Star Trek's Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock leaping out of their TV screens.  Join us then as we explore new concepts in blogging and social media on the frontiers of science.

There it was. An article published in the August 3, 2012 edition of Scientific American, entitled: "Conversations about Science:  The Role of Bogs and Social Media", authored by veteran journalist Marianne de Nazareth, formerly Op Ed page Editor for the Deccan Herald of Bangalore, India.  In the article, de Nazareth reveals how blogging has come of age in the scientific community, burrowing itself into the hallowed halls of science and scientific journals with the tenacity of a superbug searching for a host.  At one point, de Nazareth writes, "Bora Zivkovic the Scientific Editor at Scientific American revealed that one of his personal highlights of becoming a blogger was when he translated his own 'heavy' and detailed scientific articles and turned them into blog posts, softening them for the regular reader".   

New concepts in blogging and social media on the frontiers of science spells opportunity for freelance blog writers and those seeking upscale blog writing jobs. Content marketing services can also reap the whirlwind as mainstream publications and scientific journals engage print and social media bloggers in helping demystify complex data, explaining scientific discoveries in laymen's terms.

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