New Concepts in Small Business Web Content Creation Tips

by Jenny on August 22, 2012

How you measure the effectiveness of your business website goes a long way in determining whether it's performing up to par. An article entitled "What Google Analytics Metrics Should You Monitor" published by the business website August 7, 2012, outlines the top 10 barometers commonly used to guage a website's effectiveness.  Metrics are critical to the development of new concepts in small business web content creation tips. 

Author Louie Conceicao states that "Google Analytics is currently the most widely used website statistics (12 million + websites)".  He goes on to say that when asked, most users report relying heavily on "dashboard" metrics:  visitors, page views, bounce rate, etc.  We'll list the top five here.

  1. Visitors/Visitor Type:  displays visitor count and shows you new vs. returning visitors
  2. Page views:  The metric that shows you the load on your server.
  3. Bounce Rate:  One of the top analytical metrics, bounce rate lets you know what percentage of visitors are landing on a particular page of your website, then leaving without navigating further.   the lower the percentage the better, but too low is also bad.
  4. Time on Site:  The metric that measures how long visitors stay on your site.  It's a clear indication of how engaged visitors are with your digital content creation.
  5. Traffic Source:  Another key metric that enables you to see whether or your link building and SEO product description efforts are paying dividends. 

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