Niche Blogging Made Simple

by Jenny on October 22, 2010

Are you looking for the right way to start your blog? Niche blogging is much easier than you think and if you are selling a product or offering a service, creating a blog is one of the best marketing strategies that you have. Many people generate a lot of money by becoming an affiliate and they usually create a site that has the product name. This is known as the ‘product keyword’ and you might be astonished when you discover how many website owners do this strategy.

Niche Blogging Made SimpleIf you are planning to put up a site, take the time to study what domain name you will buy. The more targeted your domain name is to the product or service you are promoting, the better chances you have of getting more potential customers to your site. For example, if the product you are promoting is “Grow More Hair Shampoo”, you can buy a domain name that says ‘growmorehairfast’, ‘growmorehairinfo’ or ‘growmorehairreview’. Then you will start building your website with copy that focuses on the keyword of your domain.

With enough content that has your domain name-keyword, you will be able to climb up the ranks of that specific keyword search slowly but surely. Competition is tough even if the niche is small but you have better chances to capture your target market if from the start, you have already chosen a good domain name. For you to have enough content to climb the top of the ranks of the niche that you want, hiring a blog writer will make the task much easier. Part of planning is knowing what your expenses will be, like how much it will cost to buy a domain name and webhosting, logo creation and writing services. To know how much our blogging service will cost, you may ask for a free quote.

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