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When using any product or service for your business, you always want to make sure you’re getting the very best possible, and for a reasonable price. Business owners know that to get the best doesn’t always mean paying the lowest price on the market, but rarely does the highest cost equate to the best service, either. So when it comes to hiring an online content writer, how do you know what price to expect?

Online content can be much more difficult for the business owner to price because fees vary so much; not just with the writer, but for the type of work too. You probably won’t be able to get a 500-word article for the same price you’d pay for a 250-word blog post, for instance, especially if you’re asking the same writer to supply them. And if you ask one content writer how much it would be for a blog post, you might get a price that’s vastly different from the next writer you make the same proposal to. So how do you know that you’re getting the best service for the best price?

Most content writers today charge anywhere between $0.01 per word to as much as $0.50 per word. Yes, that means if you use the latter you’ll be paying as much as $125 for one 250-word blog post. Does that sound like a lot to you? That’s because it is, and frankly we can’t believe there are companies out there willing to charge that much. To get a quality writer, you can look at the lower end of that scale (anywhere between $0.03 to $0.10 per word) and still get the quality you’re after. But what if you’re not looking for blog posts? What if you need landing pages, article directory submissions, or press releases?

Many writers will assign different costs to different writing pieces. They’ll say that press releases need to be on-point, and need to have only the most exceptional writing included within them. They’ll also say that press releases need to be written in a specific format that takes more time, and so they need to charge more. Most of that is true, with the exception that writers need to charge more for it.

To keep things fair to both the writer and the business owner, content prices should be based on the word count of that content. This is a baseline that can’t be disputed and maybe even more importantly, will give you a good idea of what you’ll pay before you even contact the writer for their next assignment. Good writers know that having knowledge about press releases or article directly submissions are all just part of their tool box, and they won’t charge you extra for them. After all, does a mechanic charge you for the individual wrenches he uses when working on your vehicle?

When you’re looking for the best writing for your business, and you want content that’s offered at the best price, contact us at Business Blog Writers. We have flat rates for most of our content, and we will work with you to come up with a reasonable price for specialty projects that you may require. Don’t waste your time sorting through different writers with different pricing packages. When you want the best writing for the least amount of cost, we’re the ones to call!

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