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Hiring content writers should be a relatively simple task. Unfortunately, just like every other business out there, this is one where you’ll find some good and some bad; and even some that will simply try to take the money and run. So how do you spot the legitimate and qualified content writers from those that aren’t? By not falling for these promises that you might hear, but will always come up empty.

“I will deliver 75 articles a day to you.”
No one can write 75 original articles a day, no matter the word count on them. The chances are if you hire a writer that tells you this you’ll either be disappointed when they don’t deliver, or you’ll hire a writer who spins their articles. This is a form of plagiarism which relies on software that will “spin” the article so it’s essentially the same with different wording. You’ll be able to tell an article was spun, and so will your readers.

“Your page will get lots of visitors because I cram my content with keywords.”
Keywords are good. Too many will get you banned from many of the search engines. The ability to use keywords effectively, efficiently, and naturally is one of the many qualities good content writers will possess, and it’s about more than just making sure those words find their way into the content. If you hire a writer that uses them incorrectly, it could devastate your website.

“I specialize in having the most original and witty titles on the Web.”
Remember that your website is not a book or a magazine. The witty content that’s filled with personality should be left for the content itself and not the title. The title is one of the elements that you want to target towards the search engines and not the readers. You want it to be clear, include a keyword, and get the point of the article across. The title is not the place for cute.

“I stick strictly to writing content for your website.”
Blogs, webpages, and full-length articles are the most popular types of online content usually requested from writers, but any good writer will know that you may need more than this from time to time. If they’re not willing to write Facebook statuses or tweets for you, they can’t fill all your writing needs. But someone else can.

“I don’t need any ideas from you before I write your content.”
Nobody knows your business like you do, and so any input you can give about keywords to use or topics to write about should be genuinely welcomed by your writer. While they should be able to conduct research and do the majority on their own, a good writer will always be grateful for any guidance you can provide.

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