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When you’re running an e-commerce site, the product descriptions are the most important content on it. In a world where customers have to rely strictly on sight in order to do their shopping, next to images the words accompanying them are the only way you have to tell the customer what the product actually is. You could just copy what’s on the package, making sure to get in the color, size, and name, but that’s a route that could cost you in the end. Instead, hire a product description copywriter that can give you the unique content needed for this specific type of web page.

When you simply use the stock product descriptions provided by the manufacturer or that’s included in the shipment, you’re using the same tired old content as everyone else. And while these descriptions may technically have everything they need to fully describe the product, they have no personality. There’s nothing to set them apart from every other description on each of your competitor’s sites, and so there’s no reason for them to remember your site when it comes time to shop.

Unique product descriptions are about more than just using lots of adjectives and cute verbiage though. It’s about telling the customer more than just sizes available and what they can see with their own eyes in the image. If the product is made from cotton for example, you could warn customers about shrinking in the dryer; or tell them that the product has already been pre-shrunk. If the product is a baby toy, you can tell parents about small pieces that they may not be able to see, or tell them about a feature that can’t be seen in the picture. Product descriptions need to tell a customer as much as they can about an item in as few words as possible; and it takes a skilled copywriter in order to do it.

Stepping away from stock product descriptions and replacing them with unique content will help promote your brand to your customers, but there’s another reason to consider using unique descriptions too. That’s the fact that search engines such as Google will actually penalize you for having the same content as other websites. And when those websites total 30 or 40 in the same industry as you, that can mean having your site listed at the very bottom of search results, or not having it listed at all. That will mean no customers coming to your site, which could be big trouble for your bottom line.

But don’t worry about having boring product descriptions or being penalized by the search engines simply because you don’t think you can write unique product descriptions. There are many content writers today that specialize in this type of online writing, and you’ve found an entire team of them right here at Business Blog Writers. We’ve written unique descriptions for dozens of websites, and we can give you the dynamite descriptions your site needs. Contact us for a sample today and just see what we can do!

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