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So you’re running an e-commerce website. Your site is filled with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of items for sale, and now you just need to reach out to the masses and fill them in on what you’ve got. You know using stock manufacturer descriptions are no good, so you’ve hired a copywriter to create unique descriptions. You’ve done everything correctly so far, right? Well, nearly. Having a writer all lined up to write the descriptions for you is a huge step in the right direction. But to make sure you’re really being thorough, first you need to ask for product description samples.

Product descriptions are a unique type of online writing. They’re not super promotional, with each blasting your store’s praises and telling customers to shop there. However, they should also be kept short and therefore, not have too much – if any at all – general information packed into them. Instead, a product description needs to be clear, concise, and tell a customer in just a few words all about the item they’re looking at on the screen. It’s for this reason, and because product descriptions are so different from other forms of online writing that you need to ask any writer for samples first before hiring them for the job.

So what should you be looking for within that sample?

When shopping, customers don’t want to sort through pages and pages of content. It’s for this reason that you need to make sure that your descriptions are only a few lines long, usually around 200 words. If your items have a lot of features and you don’t think that will suffice, bullet points work very well and will allow the customer to still just scan the page, while also getting a full description of the item. Combining both a short paragraph and bullet points will really give your product a lot of color and texture, as you can use the paragraph to inject personality, while stating the standard features in bullet point form.

Aside from just making sure your descriptions are in the right format, you also need to make sure that they read nicely and have a certain flow to them. Long sentences again will go ignored by readers, while content stuffed with flowery adjectives will only sound like the writer was trying to achieve a certain word count. Short sentences with simple descriptions are best for product descriptions, and you need to make sure your writer is following these guidelines.

Not every online writer knows how to write product descriptions. While they may seem pretty self-explanatory at first, there is a certain method to writing them that will attract customers and cause them to purchase from your e-commerce store and not your competitor’s. You need to ensure that your writer understands that format and knows what your customers are looking for. It’s for this very simple reason that you need to request samples from any writer you’re thinking about hiring.

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