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When you’re the owner of an e-commerce store, you know your products better than anyone else, right? So then why would you hire a product description writer? Here are three very good reasons.

Increase your page rank
Sure you can whip up a description off the top of your head, but how useful is it to the search engines? This is something that e-commerce store owners often forget about. Yes you have to make sure that your descriptions have charm and character; and yes, you need to get the key features across to the customer. But there’s a lot more to writing product descriptions than just that.

Product descriptions need to be unique and original. And that means not relying on standard stock or manufacturer descriptions. In fact if you use the same old descriptions that all the other e-commerce sites are using, the search engines could actually penalize your site for it. When search engines are looking for websites to list in their search results, they look for content that will be interesting and helpful to readers. If your site looks and sounds just like everyone else’s, the search engines won’t consider it of great value, and they’ll place it at the bottom of the results where no one will see it. Content writers though, know what the search engines are looking for, and will be able to provide it to you.

Content writers know how to write product descriptions
There’s more to writing a product description than just spitting out things like size, color, and fabric used in any given product. They need to appeal to visitors that come to your site, and they need to be written in a way that they’ll actually be read. This doesn’t mean using cute adjectives and showing personality, although those never hurt either. But rather, they need to be concise and use a combination of short paragraphs and bullet points. They need to actually be set up on the page so that visitors will actually read them. Many e-commerce site owners don’t realize this, or know how to set up their descriptions so readers will actually stop and read them. Content writers do though, and upon hiring them your product description will be read each and every time.

You don’t have time
The biggest reason you might hire someone to write your product descriptions for you may also be the most obvious to you – you simply don’t have time to do it. As a store owner you’re busy making sure that shipments are going out, payments are being received, and that your store is organized and running in tip-top form at all times. You don’t have time to be writing out product descriptions for the hundreds of products on your site! Content writers though devote themselves to doing this though, and so you’ll not only have all of your descriptions when you need them, but the rest of your business won’t suffer for it.

When you need original product descriptions written effectively (and could also free up some of your time,) contact us at Business Blog Writers. We know how to write great product descriptions that will garner the attention your site needs, and have even more people buying what you’ve got to offer!

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