Professional Website Content Writers: Above Article Spinning

by Jenny on February 25, 2013

Article spinning is the technique in which different words, concepts and contexts are used to produce various versions of the same article. It is similar to article re-writing; the main difference is that when an article spinning software is used, you can get thousands of unique copies of the same article. As professional website content writers, we do not believe in article spinning because it only undermines the profession and the online experience. We believe that content that is well-researched and written is the only way to get the foothold in any industry.

So, how effective is article spinning and why do people even consider it? Article spinning is not effective in getting relevant unique visitors, boosting sales, or showing your credibility in your niche. It is only effective in populating search engines with articles that are repetitive and lack in-depth research. In simpler terms, it is effective in spamming the search engines. Oftentimes the article fails to be coherent after it has been spun multiple times and it gives the reader the impression that a non-native English speaker wrote the contents. This is bad for your brand and your business.

Most webmasters that are considering blogging and business often use article spinning as a quick solution to reach a large audience. But this is only an illusion. They believe that writing blog posts takes too much time and prefer a quick method to get their contents published. In some instances, the spun articles will overlap each other in search engines, leaving it clear to the reader that the same message is being sent multiple times. Search engines penalize websites that use article spinning as an Internet marketing tool so it should be avoided.  

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