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by Jenny on March 25, 2010

How do you get to the point where you have a profitable business blog? There is no point in having a blog and sharing information if you do not stir interest in your product, service or company.  You also want to generate leads from it. Most people who start blogging stop midway or only post twive a month as they find the entire process not working as planned. Is blogging profitably so difficult? No, it isn’t and we will help you learn the tricks that will make a profitable business blog a reality.

First and foremost is that you must learn, how to blog your business. There are a number of blogging tools that are available for free on the internet which a blogger can use effectively to optimize the blog and get more number of visitors. As the numbers of visitors increase so will the lead generation.

Business blogs have used these blogging tools, to promote their brand, product or service and for this purpose they started hiring business blog writers, who bring the professional aspect of posting blogs with them.

Using your marketing dollars for this endeavor is a very cost effective method of promoting products and services and most small companies have adopted the method of blogging or want to and don’t know how to get started. Larger companies which were spending millions of dollars on the conventional forms of advertising, have realized the potential of blogs and have started using it as an effective Internet marketing tool.

Blogging as an advertising and promotional tool has continued to evolve over the years and most companies and individuals are using it to share valuable information with their potential customers.

Here are some great books on this topic:

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