Radio Station Blogging

by Jenny on December 3, 2009

Radio Station Blogging

Are you a radio station looking to boost your leads and your advertisers?  A blog just might be your answer.

Having a blog attached to your website helps with traffic to your site and therefore ends up being a great lead generator.

Topics to Cover on Your Radio Station Blog:

  • Current Promotions or Sweepstakes
  • Solicit readers for ideas for promotions or sweepstakes
  • Have your readers write for you!
    • Ask them to tell you their favorite song and why
      • Then you can post what they say and hopefully start a discussion online about the song.
  • Blog about a certain musical artist
    • This would be a great way to attract folks that are not in your broadcasting area.  You might run across a fan, who has a lot to say about their favorite musician.
  • Blog about a future guest and ask that guest to do a blog post
  • Blog about food drives, holiday programs or whatever else you are promoting.  Blogs are a great way to provide your readers with daily updates.
  • Cover hot news stories in the music industry
  • Cover hot news in the general news sense

These ideas are just the beginning, however.  Be sure to check out 200 more blogging ideas.

After an analysis of your station’s website and your company’s goals, anywhere from 25 keywords to more will be targeted to get your company to the top of the respective Google searches for your industry.

Blogs are websites that allow 2-way communication because of the ability to leave comments on a blog.  You may be thinking, “Sure, but people can leave comments by contacting us as well.”  That is true, but that means that future visitors do not read the comments and therefore might not offer more on a subject.  Blogs allow your posts about ongoings at the station to become a virtual conversation between your readers.  They can subscribe to the comments, so that they are notified when someone leaves a comment after them.  As a result, they will return to the blog to post another comment, usually.

So, not only will you get new visitors (because of the Search Engine Optimization a blog will produce for your site) but also you will have a plethora of repeat visitors.

Perhaps a blog sounds great, but you wonder if you have the man power to man it and write for it.  That’s where we come in!  We are Business Blog Writers.  We can help your station get the blog you want up and running and will also monitor it and write for it.  Or we can just assist you in getting your blog up and running and you can monitor and write for it.  We are flexible!  We just want you to get blogging!  Contact us to get going on your corporate blog!

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