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by Jenny on March 10, 2010

Last week, I interviewed Ray Rosewall, CEO of DaVinci Roofscapes.  As you may have read on our blog, DaVinci came on board with us in December and started to blog with the help of the Compendium team.

DaVinci Logo Ray was familiar with  search engine optimization (SEO) and understood the  value of  an effective SEO program.  DaVinci Roofscapes products are targeted at discerning  sophisticated customers who tend to disregard the ads (like the ones that appear on a Google search page on the right hand side and sometimes as the first three “sponsored” results) and migrate to  information that is deemed  relevant to their search by the search engines.

Search engines such as Google increase their value by attracting people to use their engines by delivering relevant and focused results when used.  So search engines are always looking for websites (blogs are websites) that provide fresh relevant information on a regular basis.  

A “blog” is much like a journal, or diary, or a column in a newspaper or a newsletter except that you do not use paper.  Electronic publishing on the internet makes it easier to update your blog frequently and make it accessable to anyone with Internet access.  You might have your favorite column that you read in a newspaper on a daily basis, but now a lot of folks turn to on line blogs for that sort of thing.  However, a business blog is used a little differently.  You want to provide timely relevant information to you customers.  In DaVinci’s case, their customers include homeowners, roofing  contractors, builders, and architects.  So with their blog, they are looking to keep customers up-to-date on new products while educating them about their products at the same time.

Ray mentioned, “From a business standpoint, what I am looking for is a way to make a blog effective as an information tool, but at the same time, use it as a tool that will allow search engines to find us so they can help people who are looking for information that relates to our products..  By using the Compendium blog platform to do the work on keyword selection we are able to accomplish both goals.”

As a manufacturer, DaVinci Roofscapes is not only looking for a way to get new customers, but how to nurture their current customers.   In other words, if a roofer or contractor subscribes to DaVinci’s blog, they will be privy to the technical tips given by Tim Gentry, VP of Technical Services, that they can use to improve their efficiency and the finished roof. 

For example, Tim Gentry can create a post about a Boston Hip and explain why it is the way to go with DaVinci’s product.  By using Compendium, Tim can write the article and use terms and words that will be relevant to the article and to the search engines with Compendium.  As Ray points out, “Our blog educates but also optimizes and improves our visibility with search engines; therefore it’s a win-win.  It’s the marrying of those two things that make it more effective than anything we have used in the past.”

Compendium BlogwareDaVinci Roofscapes decided to go with Compendium because they  provide a platform that allows a business to move from random thought generation to directed focused blogging.  In other words, Compendium gives the writer the tools to help maximize the effectiveness of their content.

When  the writer uses the targeted words and phrases when they blog, the search engines will find that information and make it accessible for free when people search on or around those terms.

Ray mentioned that blogging is an effective communications media that is becoming more widely accepted every day.  “The technically literate  people that are wired in with their smart phones and netbooks  expect  instant access to topical relevant information when they search on the Internet and they don’t want ads anymore.”

By Jenny Dean

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