Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog NOW

by Jenny on June 3, 2010

This is the age where the Internet is the most effective tool in advertising products and services, and whoever can tame the Internet to his will is king. Studies have shown that businesses that use blogs as a way to advertise their products or services have increase in revenues for up to 40%, especially if you have a high lead generation from search engines.

Corporate weblogs as a form of advertisement is rapidly becoming popular because they are cheap (if not downright completely free), easily viewed by anyone, and has an international audience. Imagine the advertising fee that you will have to pay to other media sources to be able to reach the same number of audience that the Internet can.

What’s more, there are other websites that will allow you to link your blog to theirs for a nominal fee, such as social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. Even people who are just leisurely surfing the net can get an idea of your product or service and see if they are interested. Also, since you will be using a blog site to advertise, there won’t be a certain time slot where that’s the only time when your advertisement will be available. Your ads will be available anytime, everytime to anyone who visits your website or views your ads somewhere else.

A corporate weblog is perfect for businesses that are looking to keep ahead of the curve, and make the most of the media tidal wave at present. Not only will your company be seen as current and hip, more and more audiences every day will be informed about your product!

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