Reduce Bounce Rates with a Reputable Online Content Writer

by Jenny on February 8, 2013

A website’s bounce rate is a performance indicator that can be used to determine just how “buzz worthy” its content is. If a website visitor leaves your pages within a few seconds of getting to it, then this is sign that you aren’t generating the right type of buzz. This scenario can change considerably if a reputable online content writer is used to connect the dots. A professional writer will know the key points to use to get your readers’ attention and hold it until the intended point is delivered. This is important if you want to show your authority in your niche and develop confidence in your reader. More confidence leads to higher demand and profits.

So can all website content writers do this? NO! Only a writer that understands your niche and knows that SEO content writing is more than just inserting keywords into an article can make a difference in your bounce rates.  This type of professional doesn’t use fluff to pad articles to “get to” the word count. Additionally, well-researched, original content is the stable that drives their professionalism; it is what keeps their coffee mugs full on a daily basis! They know that your online presence is as strong as the content your business stands behind.

Sure, there are many other factors that can influence your bounce rate: website design, page loading time and user interface. However, your content is the magnet that attracts a particular search query from organic traffic and even though referrals. Once your website displays professionally written content that is intelligently optimized then the chances of being indexed and enjoy the prestigious first pages on most search engines are greatly increased. This improves your exposure and ultimately your “buzz worthy” factor.

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