Schools Program Us to Be Standardized Writers

by Jenny on December 12, 2009

It’s true.  We are taught like robots to write in a certain style and use correct grammar.  The great thing with blogging, however, is that you don’t have to follow those rules since blogging has a looser, much more relaxed style.

In fact, sometimes with blogs it is better to leave a misspelling or an awkward wording of something.  Why?  Because if you are likely to make that mistake, more than likely another human will make that “mistake” when searching and therefore, your blog will come up first for that person.  Of course, Google and the like will offer a different spelling or alternative based on what the computer suggests, but if the searcher sees your blog matching what they wrote, chances are they will click on it.

So while you don’t want to have a lot of misspellings in your blog, you certainly don’t want to make it standardized and perfect like a lot of technical books or text books.  It is best to have a blog that has a more casual, coffee shop talk sort of feel to it.  Quick tidbits that will catch your readers’ attention and make them interested in staying for just a bit longer and moreover hopefully get them to subscribe to your RSS feed or sign up for your e-mail alerts.

As Business Blog Writers, we are here to write your coffee shop talk and get your message out there in the most efficient and casual way that we can.  Customers like businesses that are approachable and have a warm reception.  We will help your business have that appeal. 

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