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Do you keep uploading and publishing to your blog, but you have yet to see an increase in traffic or a huge boost to profits? Do you continue to submit articles to directories, but don’t find that the links are helping? Or are you new to the world of content creation and wondering where to start, or which areas to focus on? All of these are common problems that business owners often run into, especially when they’ve just started exploring the world of website and blog development. And they’re all problems that we at Business Blog Writers can take over for you.

Blog Posting
Blog posts are one type of content that your business absolutely needs, and should be used in conjunction along with a website and other SEO strategies. Blog posts are short (usually 200 to 250 words) and are typically used to inform your customers about your field of business, or specific products and services you offer. Blog posts are used mainly to establish yourself as an expert in your field. It is here that visitors will come to learn more about your industry and all that goes into it. Blog posts don’t need to be specific to your company, but to establish authority, they must be specific to your industry. And in fact, focusing on the latter will be more interesting to your visitors, which means they’ll come back for more.

Articles are longer pieces of content than blog posts, usually about 500 words. These can be used as part of your website’s sitemap, such as when you’re focusing on a common problem experienced by customers. They can also be a main page of your website, outlining the exact need you fill for customers, as well as things such as your price ranges. To bring extra boost to your website, articles can also be submitted to directories. Within these pieces, links to your website can be included, and this too brings even more visitors to your website, and to your business.

SEO Content
SEO content is typically anything that’s written for your website or business, but will not be seen by actual readers. Instead, they will be seen by the search engines. These include things such as descriptions, meta tags, keywords, and other SEO strategies. When the search engines pick these up, your website and/or blog gets ranked higher in the search engines. This means it will be one of the first things visitors see when they’re searching for a product or service, and your company will be one of the first they go to.

Creating all of this content, and sometimes even more, can be overwhelming; especially for business owners that have the much more important task of running their business. Here at Business Blog Writers we can take it all of your hands and ensure you have content where you need it – and where visitors and the search engines can see it. Our professional writers can create all of this content for you and more. Not only do we understand that there’s so much more to writing than just filling a blank page; we’ll also make sure that your pages are fresh, fun, and interesting – and that they’re seen by lots of visitors!

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