SEO Content Writing in YouTube Marketing Equals Success

by Jenny on May 21, 2013

Digital content creation with YouTube videos is a great way to communicate to the online community. With the simple “click, play and watch” steps, a considerable amount of information can be shared in just a few minutes. There is hardly any effort in the process for the viewers and most videos are free to watch and create.

Depending on how the video is done and its contents, many people may even find that they connect easily with the message it is sending as opposed to reading the very same message in an article.  With all these benefits and leading advantages, video marketing can successfully catapult a brand’s popularity and can be used alongside blogging and business to get even more traction. However, SEO is one of the main ingredients that must be taken into consideration to make this possible.
What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes all the ethical steps taken to increase the chances of a website, product, or service being noticed by the search engines. For videos, these can be uploaded onsite or used as an off page marketing tool to reach a larger audience. When used with SEO content writing they tap all the competition gaps to have a stronger foothold in any industry.  This is only possible when the right types of keywords are used in the video description and title. Knowing how to create compelling titles and description to take advantage of the favorable search engine results for YouTube video is important to take the lead  in online marketing.

How Can SEO be applied to YouTube Videos?
Whether you want to promote your products through SEO product descriptions or by creating web content, videos can be used alongside these and many other methods. In some instances you may opt to have the contents of a video transcribed and insert important keywords in the transcription to increase your exposure rate. For immediate results, you can insert important keywords into the titles and description of video and post them to the appropriate category so that they are easy to find. This applies whether you are using blog writing services or creating your own online content.

How to Measure Your Success with YouTube Videos
Video views are one of the first indicators you can use to see how many people actually saw its content. If you choose to use video as an off-page promoting strategy, then you can insert the URL of your website in the description section of the YouTube Video. This will allow others to follow-up on the information you presented in the video and increase your chances of securing more leads in the process. The click through rate of the URL is also another important indicator that you can use to see how many people actually found your video interesting and decided to click the link. The higher the click through rate, the more people found your video relevant to their needs. However, if you decide to promote your videos on your website then you can easily insert them with the content you choose to promote and take the necessary steps to optimize accordingly.  
Knowing how to generate meaningful leads from your videos is important if you want to gain a competitive edge. SEO considerations during and after video creation are necessary to guarantee successful results.

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