Why SEO Content Writing Would Increase Visibility for McGonigle’s Market

by Jenny on June 9, 2011

Professional BloggerMcGonigle’s Market‘s tradition of providing quality steaks in Kansas dates back to 1881. The company prides itself on serving only the best cuts for your cooking pleasure.

McGonigle’s Local Market offers nationwide shipping of steaks. From the Kansas City Strip Steaks, T-Bone steaks to lamb and pork selections, you can have your favorite steak delivered to your home fresh – what a wonderful gift for your friends and family.

Having a business blog would be a great idea for McGonigle’s Market. With SEO content writing on a blog, their search engine traffic would increase to their website and therefore lead to more sales. This, of course, means more and more people will become aware of McGonigle’s and spread the word.

Through different content creation tools, existing customers can also interact with the company staff. Through comments and guest posts, customers can give feeback to the company regarding services and products.  They could even post photos of how their steaks turned out and maybe share a recipe or steak cooking tips. 

What might also be fun is that McGonigle’s blog could be a venue where McGonigle’s can show its clients how they prepare their meat and more.  Since we are based in Kansas City and have been loving McGonigle’s Market our entire lives, we’d love to blog for McGonigle’s Market.

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