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SEO content writing is a form of writing that is targeted towards both the search engines and the reader. SEO is the abbreviation for “search engine optimization,” and so SEO content is content that’s written to be more visible by the search engines. This includes a variety of techniques and strategies used within the actual content, but because the search engines are also looking for content that’s useful and helpful to the reader, it also has to read nicely.

One of the main strategies used within SEO content is the use of keywords and key phrases. These are the words users will enter into the search engine when looking for content about your topic or industry. Keywords are very important and they’re one of the first things search engines will look for. Keywords need to be pertinent to the content, should appear within the first paragraph of the content and then dispersed naturally throughout, with perhaps one keyword at the end of the content. It’s with this strategy however, that both website owners and writers need to be careful.

Content that is stuffed with keywords, that seems to have no rhyme or reason to it and that doesn’t make sense, will actually be penalized by the search engines. This is because above all, the search engines want content to be readable and helpful to the reader. And while they are looking for things like keywords, it’s more important to the search engines that the content is written well and that it will attract readers. Search engines only pick up content that will help make them profit, and if readers won’t visit the websites in the results list, or if they won’t stay on those websites very long because of keyword-stuffed content, the search engines won’t make much profit.

You won’t get much out of your keywords though if your writer is simply including them in the content, even if they’re evenly spaced out within the content. To really make keywords stand out and be more visible to the search engines, they need to be linked to pages within your website. What links you use though, and how you use them, is also very important. Just like keywords, if you don’t use them properly, the search engines can penalize you.

Using links properly means linking the actual keywords to a page on your website, and not linking to any one page more than one time within the content. Search engines like the links to take readers to many different places on your website, which means you need both a fairly large website and relevant keywords and links to make them work.

Writing SEO content does largely include the use of links and keywords, but it’s much more than that too. Not every content writer is able to do it in a way that will benefit both the search engines and your site, so you need to ensure you’re hiring one that is very experienced and adept at writing SEO content. Here at Business Blog Writers, it’s all we do. We know how to write interesting content that will grab the attention of both readers and the search engines, so contact us today and find out just how much we can boost your search engine ranking, and the number of visitors coming to your site every day!

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