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You’re a busy e-commerce site owner. You have lots to do during the day including taking orders, sending invoices, and receiving and shipping product. You have little time to worry about the product descriptions on your site, much less wonder if they’re SEO product descriptions that will boost your site with the search engines and readers alike. But taking the time to ensure your product descriptions will be visible by the search engines is nearly as important as the actual products on your page. So what do you need to make sure they include?

Keywords will always be the first thing you need to include on your site in order to boost your SEO efforts. While many e-commerce owners know this, many tend to only include keywords on their landing and main pages, or in the introduction to the product page. However, making sure that they’re also included in the actual description of every product is also very important. This will attract the attention of the search engines for specific products, so if a customer is looking for “organic shampoo” they’ll be taken directly to the product, and won’t be left to find it for themselves once taken to your main website page.

Because product descriptions are often very short, it’s important to only include one keyword within one description; and to make sure that you only use that keyword once. Stuffing a description with keywords will only make it confusing to both the reader and the search engines, and this is something that you’ll be penalized for. Either the search engines will stop listing your site in their search results, or readers will be confused as to what the product is and so, will simply find another site that’s more comprehensive.

It’s also important to include in the product descriptions answers to all six questions that need to be addressed within any content. This is the who, what, where, when, why, and how. Answering all of these questions will give your readers a much better idea of what your product does, how to use it, and who will find it works the best. This will benefit readers, as they will know more about a product that they can’t actually touch before buying. And because search engines love content that’s helpful to readers, they too will find this and list your site higher in their search engine results.

Writing product descriptions that will boost the SEO efforts on your site and gain you more traffic is perhaps more important on an e-commerce site than it is any other. However, it’s not something every writer can do. In fact, many content writers don’t even take SEO into consideration when writing product descriptions. Here at Business Blog Writers, we know how important it is to include keywords in your product descriptions, and we know how to answer all the questions your readers will have when viewing your product. Don’t settle for standard manufacturer descriptions anymore. Contact us today and start getting your descriptions working for you!

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