Significance of Adding Spanish Content to Your Blog

by Jenny on August 26, 2012

You have created a blog to promote your business online and it has been doing extremely well. But if your site is not reaching out to large section of global Spanish customers, then you are losing out on nearly 10-20 per cent of potential sales. More than 100 million of the worldwide Spanish populations surf the Internet for product description samples in Spanish. Even if 10 percent of this population visits your blog, imagine the revenues that you might be able to generate.

Most merchants focus on content creation in English alone for their blog, thinking that it is a global language and is known worldwide. But there are numerous Spanish speaking communities around the globe who do not know to speak English. Adding Spanish content to your blog will attract numerous patrons from these non-English speaking Spanish communities.

By creating web content in Spanish to your blog, you are also promoting your website to a broader market and making it accessible to more clients. This will help boost your sales target and also popularize your business.

Lack of Spanish and other regional content on your blog can certainly prove negative for your business as you will not be able to reach patrons from such wider sections of global market.

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