Social Media Tools, The New Customer Service Portal

by Jenny on May 16, 2011

web content writing services Business blogging has come a long way from its conception. Online marketing has also spawned the rise of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. From a content writer’s point of view, these online service applications serve as a new avenue of communicating with existing clients and acquiring new customers.

As a result, they bring website content creation to another level wherein you might look into hiring business blog writers to manage not just your company blog but also your social media marketing service tools.

For your company blog, aside from excellent blog writing skills, incorporating access to a Facebook fan page or Twitter account lets your readers an in-depth look at your company. 

What makes this an advantage for some businesses is the real-time element inate on each customer feedback. Customer service experience can becomes better by addressing each concern in real-time too. 

Contact us for a free quote and how to fit social media tools into your business blog.

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