Spanish Blog Writing with Chips and Salsa

by Jenny on July 31, 2012

Okay.  So the title, "Spanish Blog Writing with Chips and Salsa" is loco, as they say in espanol.  But sometimes "loco" is just what a brand needs to grab the spotlight. Take Super Bowl advertising. Companies go to great lengths and spend astronomical amounts of money to create Super Bowl ads that are muy loco.  Some are totally "off-the-hook", all designed to create favorable gross impressions in the minds of viewers. 

Consider another sports venue.  The 2012 Summer Olympics in London, viewed by as many as a billion people worldwide.  Many speak Spanish.  In fact, research indicates that 153 million people prefer to search the Internet solely in Spanish, meaning that if you don't proclaim "Se habla espanol", Hispanic and Latino consumers are unlikely to ever find your web site.  Bueno. Creating web content in Spanish is critical to your businesses success.  Viewers of the XXX Olympiad shop for sports apparel like soccer gear, sports drinks, and even tickets for upcoming sporting events.  If your business offers any of these, you are committing a sin by failing to market your wares in espanol, as well as English.

Consider the decision to outsource content writing as the perfect compliment to your appetizer of chips and salsa.  Like chips and salsa, SEO keywords in Spanish will really spice-up articles and blogs aimed at attracting Spanish-speaking shoppers to your website.  They might even come back for more, and tell their friends!

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