Stand Out and Blog

by Jenny on December 6, 2012

Guest Post by Becky Wilcox

Stand Out and Blog

Starting a blog is an exciting way to share your interests with a greater public while also generating an income. One of the most important things to remember about blogging is that attracting readers should always be your highest priority. An audience helps a blog to grow through word-of-mouth and inspiring commentary. Therefore, it is essential to build an attractive website and incorporate ads in a way that will not be distracting to the readers. Whether you have been blogging for years, or are just starting out, the following ideas will help you to capture more attention by ensuring that your blog is both functional and attractive.

Streamline your website

A confusing or hard-to-navigate blog will be a major turn off to readers. If a person has trouble finding their way to important information on a website, then they are less likely to return. However, an attractive and organized website will make it easy for you to convey your message to the audience. Building a website can be made easier through the use of a service such as Website Builder-Build a Website. This type of service can take the guesswork out of organizing your blog so that it will be more attractive to both loyal and potential new readers.

Strategize the advertising

Advertisements may be where you earn your money, but they should never detract from the purpose of your blog. Today’s readers are generally responsive to advertisements, but they will avoid blogs that overuse them to the point of annoyance. To avoid this issue, choose advertising that is relevant to your readers. This will make it more likely that they will actually click on your ads. Additionally, be sure to include the advertisements in non-distracting areas of your blog. For example, embedded links using relevant keywords, can enable you to provide further information to your readers without sacrificing style. This will also help you to establish your blog as an important resource to your audience.

Market Your Blog

A blog is nothing without an audience. This is especially true when earning revenue through your blog. For this reason, it is essential for bloggers to dedicate a large portion of their efforts toward strategic marketing. In the beginning, you can use social media websites to post comments with links to your blog. Many established bloggers also welcome guest posts that can help you to establish your blog as an authority on your topic. Email marketing strategies, and status updates, can also alert potential readers to new article postings. Once you have established an audience, then they can help to attract other readers to your blog through their comments and social media exchanges.

Every day in blogging offers an exciting opportunity to share information with your audience, while also generating an income. Successful bloggers know that it is important to carefully organize their blog while implementing carefully placed advertisements. This way, they can attract interest to their blog through marketing and social media strategies that will help to make their blog’s readership grow.

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