Story Telling in Content Creation

by Jenny on April 29, 2013

Blogging should not be seen as an opportunity to deliver a long lecture about a topic, but rather produce a brief snapshot of the features about a product or your expertise in a certain niche. Too often, content for blogs is written as if the readers are board members reading a long, detailed business proposal. While this approach may work for some businesses, for others it can create a rather dull and boring image of a company. To get around this, storytelling can be one approach to take to reach a larger audience and have a lighter feel to your blog.

Experienced content writers will include all the main elements of a good story to appeal to the emotional and rational side of readers.

Good stories for your blog can come from testimonials of people that used your products, services of have been taking your advice. When you attach a name, face and certain distinguishing characteristic to blog posts, people will be more likely to pay attention and thus this increases the number of leads. The reason behind this is simple: many online visitors want something that strikes a chord, something that they can relate to without feeling as if they are in an imaginary world. A blog post that is posted by “admin” will not attract as much attention as one posted by “John Black”, has a personal picture and details about the author. A blog content writer that ties this in by using a story telling approach to highlight customers that used a product instead of just mentioning product details will be more relevant to some audiences.

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