Success is Failure Turned Inside Out

by Jenny on November 16, 2010

The words of the title of this article come from a certain marching song that was used by the military to help their soldiers march to a certain beat. Everybody wants to be successful but there are some people who need to overcome their fear of failure. There are a lot of misconceptions about failure and these beliefs could have been molded into the minds of some people when they were at the younger stage of their life and began trying to attempt to do things on their own.

One classic example is when a child is in school and a question is asked by a teacher. The child wants to answer the question as he or she is confident that they know the answer. When picked by the teacher and the child says the answer, it is wrong! There are some children that take this as a challenge and study harder, while some shrink back and hesitate to answer voluntarily answer questions again.

When  you think that your attempts to making money online could be failing, taking it on as a challenge and strive to do better is the way to succeed. Your experience and how you react to failure can be used to help you succeed and once you have identified the problem, you can overcome it. This advice can be applied to improve the different aspects of our lives.

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