Surviving Search Engine Updates With an Online Content Writer

by Jenny on April 12, 2013

Search engine updates are unpredictable and websites or blogs that are not prepared will lose important ranking. When these algorithm updates are released sites and blogs that are on the wrong side will immediately see a plunge in their online traffic. This is especially the case for those that do not use ethical SEO practices that are often known as black hat SEO. But how can an online content writer help to avoid such a disastrous fate? Is there any way a blog or website can be “algorithm proof” so that they do not have start rebuilding their online presence from the bottom up? The answer is yes and here is how:

  • Authoritative content: It goes without saying that content is king. A website that has high quality content developed by professional web content writers is far less likely to feel the pinch of a search engine update.
  • Improve social presence: Regular content updates and an active online presence are some of the proven ways to keep off the black list of search engines. The more social signals you have coming from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other websites such as Pinterest, the less flogging you’ll get from search engine updates.

Your content will determine just how long you survive online, so it is important that you hire content writer that is on par with the latest SEO content writing updates and know how to sell your brand image. When you are mindful of this and resist the temptation of getting quick leads with poor quality backlinks and keyword stuffing you become even more competitive.  

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