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Small Businesses Need Blog Writers

by Jenny on August 23, 2014

A business blog is a refined, technical and professional body of content. It’s not just fluff, gossip and the opinions of a crazy, lonely writer who sits around in a terrycloth robe.


How To Make Your Company Blog Popular

by Jenny on April 21, 2011

Use your creativity. Think of how a mall window dresser thinks. Display your products in such a way that your readers will stop and stare.


The goal here is to leave a comment stands out and leaves readers piqued to click on your blog link.


How Business Blogs Help Your Business

by Jenny on April 1, 2011

When you continuously feed your readers with interesting reads and informational blog posts, they instantly become loyal subscribers and potential clients.


Take the time to make a video that can go viral because it is exciting, new and unique. A visual treat is even more stimulating than that of a good read.


3 Ways on How To Manage Your Business Blog

by Jenny on February 10, 2011

Although blog content writing is important, comments by readers are as important too.


Make Your Company Blog Glitch-Free in 5 Steps

by Jenny on February 2, 2011

However, an error-filled company blog can also become the reason potential customers avoid you.

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5 Corporate Blogging Essentials

by Jenny on January 12, 2011

It’s so much easier to read a blog that has a friendly tone rather than reading something from out of a thesis paper or textbook.

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What is Useful Blog Content?

by Jenny on January 6, 2011

From personal journaling to a money-making medium, content for blogs are important to garner increase on readership and of course, sales.

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