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Design Toscano Is Blogging With Us!

by Jenny on November 8, 2010

Design Toscano has had their blog for some time with Compendium, but found that they weren’t getting the content that they needed, so therefore, they looked to outsource some of their content on their blog to Business Blog Writers.


Andrew is the eCommerce Manager at Elite Sportswear, the leading supplier of Gymnastics apparel in the world under the GK and adidas brands.

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When deciding what to do to create quality content for your blog, you can get the desired results and bring in the kind of blog traffic that converts by hiring a business blog writer that is knowledgeable in SEO techniques for your content creation.

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How SEO Strategies Can Increase Your Income

by Jenny on September 21, 2010

Are you one of the thousands of website owners that would like to generate more income?

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Blog Feature – Architura Corporation

by Jenny on September 10, 2010

Business Blog Writers has written for a lot of blogs, in order to ensure that a blog receives the traffic it deserves. Last time, we focused on a company that sells vitamin enriched water for dogs, and their performance truly exceeded expectations. This post’s focus will be the Architura Corporation’s blog.


Why Business Blogs Drive More Traffic

by Jenny on August 23, 2010

As a business, you may be wondering how to generate more traffic to increase your sales.

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Marketing In the Age of Google Review

by Jenny on August 18, 2010

Competition is tough, especially in the online world, and it can be hard to formulate a business strategy that can help one’s business improve through the Internet. The book “Marketing in the Age of Google” provides simple and non-technical advice on how to go about this.


How Can A Blog Help A Small Business?

by Jenny on August 17, 2010

Business people are becoming more and more attracted to the idea of having a corporate weblog. For small businesses, blogging transmits news to the public and offers the public a chance to interact.

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Pros and Cons of Leaving Comments on a Blog

by Jenny on August 16, 2010

Leaving a comment on others’ blogs is considered one of the best blogging tool to help your business as you are able to leave a back link to your site.


How Many Fortune 500 Companies are Blogging?

by Jenny on August 13, 2010

When it comes to corporate blogging tips, you will be surprised to learn how many actual companies of Fortune 500 actually have a corporate weblog.

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