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What Do You Want?

by Jenny on February 2, 2010

After writing posts for about two months for Business Blog Writers, we are interested in knowing what our readers would like to know or read about.


Come On Board With Us Alpine Snowguards!

by Jenny on January 13, 2010

Business Blog Writers would like to write for Alpine Snowguards, a snowguard company in Vermont. Learn more about their company and how a blog would help them.


Happy Holidays from Business Blog Writers

by Jenny on December 27, 2009

We’ve been MIA for a few days. Although we are serious business blog writers, we also understand and believe that all creators (writers and the like) have to have a break to renew their creativity. Spending time with friends and family and taking a break from content creation, is the only way to grow and […]


5 Ways to Think of Article Content for Your Blog

by Jenny on December 22, 2009

Sometimes the most difficult part of writing a blog is thinking up content and what to write. If you are business blogging, then you know that there are only so many times that you can write about your own products before thinking you are being insanely repetitive.

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