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Blogs Versus Vlogs

by Jenny on December 9, 2010

Though Vlogs may be interesting, it still requires written content for the search engines to find it.


Why Search Engines Love Blog Pages

by Jenny on December 7, 2010

Search engines love blogs because of the architecture of a blog page.

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Constant Never-Ending Improvement

by Jenny on December 6, 2010

Business blogs have a more difficult time of getting to capture their target market especially if the industry that they are in might be saturated with other websites.


Use Anything For a Blog Post

by Jenny on December 2, 2010

The great thing about blog posts is that you can use just about any relevant content for your blog post. Here’s an e-mail I sent to a potential client a few days ago when she requested an online quote from us – and is example that you can use anything for a blog post.


As companies, we use e-mail, Facebook and Twitter to engage with people that we already know. But what do we use, especially online, to get in touch with customers that are searching for us?


Hold On To The Dream

by Jenny on November 22, 2010

There are many website owners that give up when there sites fail to bring them the results that they desire but there are a lot more people who don’t give up and hold on to the dream to be able to making money online.


Unique and Compelling Content

by Jenny on November 19, 2010

Before building a website, whether you plan to own a single site or are trying to run multiple sites in an effort to get to corner a certain niche, you must be aware of the things to do that the Google Webmaster recommends.


The Title: Best Blogging Tip

by Jenny on November 11, 2010

When you want to capture the attention of a reader, it can be done with the title of your article.


Design Toscano Is Blogging With Us!

by Jenny on November 8, 2010

Design Toscano has had their blog for some time with Compendium, but found that they weren’t getting the content that they needed, so therefore, they looked to outsource some of their content on their blog to Business Blog Writers.


Writing Content That Gets Results

by Jenny on November 3, 2010

There are a lot of people who put up websites so they generate extra income. Most of these people have regular jobs but would like to get to tap the vast wealth that the Internet offers

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