Corporate Blogging Tips

Business Blogging Mistakes

by Jenny on August 2, 2010

A successful corporate weblog can be rewarding, successful and bring attention to your business. It can bring new customers, and turn your existing customers into people who will let others know (marketing in a sense). Business blog writers do not have an easy job and have to work hard, and think creatively. Corporate blogging tips can increase your chances of building a successful business if common blogging mistakes are avoided.


Elements Your Business Blog Should Have

by Jenny on June 15, 2010

Company blogging is in demand in today’s online marketing world. If your company has a corporate weblog site, your readers’ expectations of the blog is much higher than compared with personal blogs. Your readers will always look for updated and interesting content on your corporate weblog.


Blog Post Ideas for Business

by Jenny on June 14, 2010

Content creation for a corporate weblog allows your blog to be fresh with new interesting ideas.


What Are The Best Blogging Tools?

by Jenny on June 10, 2010

The best blogging tools involve great posting, with extraordinary attention given to the way you post your videos and images.


Need Blog Post Ideas? How About 20!

by Jenny on June 8, 2010

Content creation is very important if your business has a corporate weblog.


5 Corporate Blogging Tips

by Jenny on June 7, 2010

Because of a blog’s interactive nature and its cost-efficiency, it has transformed the totality of the way communication is done on the Internet.


Business blog writers should constantly update their blogs, keeping in mind that people are always on the Internet 24/7 and will need to be up-to-date on certain things. For this reason, listed briefly below are some corporate blogging tips on the frequency of posting your content creation.


Call to Action (CTAs) are perhaps one of the best blogging tool that you can incorporate during your content creation. You need to inform your readers what to do next as most readers tend to be very passive at blog reading. Some will just zoom away at reading your blog without even leaving a comment since you have not asked for such. What bloggers need are interactive readers who will immediately leave a note or two after reading your post.

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Corporate Blogging Tips

by Jenny on March 8, 2010

A growing number of companies are interacting with customers and employees through blogs.


Kitty Mansions

by Jenny on February 26, 2010

If you have a cat, then you know how destructive they can be to furniture, if they still have their claws.

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