How to Blog Your Business

You might have considered blogging as a way to generate leads, however, you might have thought, “We only have one product, what on earth would we blog about?” You might have 20 different product lines but cannot see what you would blog about or how you would blog about your products or services for 365 days/year.


How Long Should a Post Be

by Jenny on November 30, 2009

Ever wondered how long a blog post should be? Blog posts can be short as a paragraph or as long as a 7-page essay.


Comments On A Blog

by Jenny on November 28, 2009

Having comment on a blog is a very important step in having a successful blog. It is what separates a blog from a website.


Profitable Business Blog

by Jenny on November 26, 2009

What makes for a profitable business blog? Is it the strategy? The optimization? The frequent posting?


Business Blog RSS

by Jenny on November 25, 2009

Business Blog RSS What is business blog RSS?  RSS Feed is using translated to “Really Simple Syndication” but also can be translated to “Rich Site Summary”.  Basically, a RSS Feed is a web format that helps to publish frequently updated content in an easy-to-read format. This site’s RSS feed, for example, can be accessed through […]


How to Blog Your Business

by Jenny on November 24, 2009

Have you ever wondered how to blog your business on the World Wide Web? can help you achieve all your business blog writing goals.

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