The Biggest Mistake Businesses Make When They Hire a Blogger

by Jenny on November 17, 2012

As blog writers, we get our fair share of inquiries from businesses looking to have a blog and wanting to hire blog writers to write for them.  We love the inquiries and love the work, however, this is one big mistakes that businesses make them they hire a blogger.

THE BIGGEST MISTAKE businesses make is not having a keyword list and corresponding URLs that they want those keywords to link to.  In other words, most businesses don't realize that they need to have a complete keyword strategy if they are not only going to go to the effort of posting blog posts on a frequent basis but also if they are going to pay for the content.  It is wise to have content that performs.

Of course, we could make a lot more profit from our writing if we just accepted all the requests that came through.  However, with a good conscious mind there are some times when we cannot move forward with the writing.

Just think about it – would you build a house without a plan?  You've got to have a plan on how to put everything together and keywords are like the building materials that you need for your house, we are the contractors that will use those building materials and then you are the homeowner that will make the most of the home!

Don't have a keyword strategy and need help with one?  We can always help by referring you to someone that works with other clients of ours.

Already have a keyword strategy plan and just need the content to execute it?  We can help.  Our blog writing will bring your content for blogs to the next level.

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