The Danger of Depending on One Social Media Platform for Content Marketing Services

by Jenny on April 9, 2013

When Nicholas Car coined the term digital sharecropping he must have seen where Web 2.0 was going.. In a nutshell the term is used to describe the rather hopeful and dedicated website owner working long hours around the clock to fatten the bank accounts of one or a group of social media websites and still not having anything at the end of the day. In layman terms, it is similar to working a hard 9-5 job to make your employer richer and not being able to stand on your own two feet if they decide to pull the rug. You have nothing of your own, all your time, talent and money are invested to make someone else richer. The discerning webmaster can all but ignore the fact that sharecropping is as real as writing blog posts to use solely on Twitter.

The above scenario may appear to be exaggerated, but it nonetheless accurately depicts the state on online marketing. Even with the many content marketing services on the market, most webmasters feel content enough to put all their eggs in one basket. As a result, they invest time in building their Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc., accounts failing to realize that at the end of the day the shifting landscapes of social media can leave then without their content, fans and updates. It takes a good enough purchase price to by out a large company, and the bottom men are hardly remembered in the transactions.

As a website owner you must invest in multiple forms of online marketing, but most importantly you must ensure that they are in your control of these forms. Hiring a professional blogger to craft top quality content that will build an impeccable online reputation are factors that you can control. The same is true for using your websites as a lead generator through an opt-in e-mail list creator or using another creative call to action approach that allows you to reach your website visitors.


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