The Do’s and Don’ts in Blog Writing

by Jenny on January 25, 2012

Most people think that blog writing jobs are easy, but they often times forget that there are certain things to be consider before a good blog post is accomplished.

The Do’s:

1. Share. Your blog post should always reveal the expert side of you. Make sure to shout out and include tips and knowledge that will catch the attention of your readers.

2. Be clear and concise. You want to use bulleted or numbered lists in your blog posts to break topics down and encourage easy reading.

3. Use Bold and Italics occasionally. For important details or words in your blog post, you may want to bold or italicize it to draw your reader to such words. But remember to not use it excessively or you might lose its effect.

4. Put Links in your post. You can always generate traffic to your site by placing strong and active links within your post.

5. Entice your Reader. Always provide enough useful and trending information in your blog posts to keep your reader hooked. Don’t forget to reserve hot topics that will invite the readers to look for more of your work.

The Don’ts:

1. Sales Pitch. Website owners and publishers will not re-publish a blog post that is full of a sales pitch. Your original blog post will market itself more successfully if written in a "non-sales" manner.  Make it educational and interesting and people will want to share it.

2. Keywords. Don’t forget keywords.  If you are blogging without keyword phrases then you’re not getting the most out of your blog posts.

3. Not Sharing. Do you have a company Twitter, Facebook or other social media site?  Not sharing your blog post on your company social media sites is a big faux paus.

Forever keep in mind that successful web content writing services should always include useful information to entice thousands of readers/viewers.

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