The Dos and Donts of Business Blogging

by Jenny on December 11, 2009

Since business blogs are a relatively new concept compared to pay-per-click advertising as a lead generation method, here are a few quick DOs and DONTs to follow:


Be sure to maintain the image your company is trying to present when you are blogging.  In other words, if you have an elegant, sophisticated product, then your customers will expect that sort of image.

Be passionate about your product.  People are drawn to enthusiasm, sincere enthusiasm.  If you are excited about your product, more than likely they will be too.  You will want to check with the folks in your PR department to make sure you are maintaining the image that they are looking for.

Create a two-way communication between you and your readers (clients and potential clients).  People are more likely to be return visitors to the blog, and as a result, will end up buying because people buy from folks that they trust.

Know who you are writing for.  Know your customers and your client base.  Again, if you have a high-end product, most likely your clientele will be high end, so you will want to have a high end approach to your blog.  Whereas, for example, a manufacturer of hunting supplies, might have a more “good ole’ boy” approach to their blogging.

Write about things that your company doesn’t do, but that your customers or readership might be interested in.  For example, if you are a manufacturer of roofing tiles, you might also write about snow guards or underlayments that go well with your roofing materials.  Your readership will be interested in your opinion!


Don’t be overly professional in your approach on your blog.  Blogs = web log and therefore are more informal in nature than a website or an official publication from your company. 

Don’t sound like a journal article.  People are looking for a friendly, approachable and conversational type of blog.  They do not want to read your written publication.

Why Hire Business Blog Writers?

  • We have read tons of blogs. 
  • We don’t always sound like a journal article, we sound conversational.
  • We love creating a two-way communication. 
  • We are approachable.
  • We have the time to devote to your blog!
  • We get ‘er done!

Do you have a DO or DON’T to add?  Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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