The Hurdles of SEO Content Writing for Your Business

by Jenny on March 21, 2013

SEO content writing can hurt the popularity of your brand and business if it is not done correctly. This idea is different from what most Internet markets promote- that SEO is crucial for your business. If you have the wrong SEO strategy or target the wrong types of keywords, then it will be difficult to survive online. So what are the points you must bear in mind to keep your business from going under?

  1. Keep your content natural: It can be tempting to use keywords even if they are not appropriate for a certain context solely with the intent of having a high keyword density. However, this reflects in your professionalism and credibility. A website that has content where keywords are used randomly, will fail to be popular. The same applies for those that use misspellings of keywords. Again this strategy does not appear naturally before readers and is deemed questionable by those looking for quality content.
  2. Focus on Relevance: Which would you prefer, 1000 pages views and 10 sales or 100 page views and 30 sales? The answer most likely is the latter. Having a considerable number of page views from an audience that is not interested in your product is not a good strategy. You will find that you use resources without getting any commendable return on investment (ROI). Therefore, do not try to target a large span of keywords hoping that someone considers your product. It is best to optimize your content with a smaller group of keywords that is geared towards a specific audience.
  3. No Filler Content: Buy blog posts that are written for your business and not for the entire online community. PLR and MRR articles should be avoided. You can hire a blogger to craft the content to reflect your businesses’ distinctive characteristics.

SEO is important for any business to get and stay online in a competing environment. The challenge that most webmasters have is finding out the right buttons to push to get the results they want.  By doing SEO the right way you affirm your online credibility and increase demand.

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