The Iceberg Of Content Creation

by Jenny on June 17, 2013

In the year 2013 products and services are available right next door, in your local market (as always); but those products and services are as accessible just as quickly even if their physical location is anywhere else on the planet. The way that those products and services now find a path through the wilderness of the global marketplace and to your attention in front of your PC, mobile phone or any other flatscreen terminal of your wildest dreams, is by leveraging content creation.

In order to bring ideas to the attention of the search engines, marketers rely on content creation to build out a presence for the product or service on the Internet. Content creation fills up the empty space surrounding the product or service with media rich material, so that human beings and robots have plenty of densely packed terrain into which they may drop anchor.

Content creation relies on human brains whose wrinkles emerge from exposure to fine art, popular culture, history, anthropology, religion and science. By utilizing a diversity of references rich with ideas and perspectives, content becomes a dynamic, living experience for its human readers and the machines who sample it. Content shouldn't just be the same recycled drivel written carelessly at the drop of a hat; instead it should be thoughtful layers of expression and critical thinking that add value to an Internet reading experience and that fill the artificial intelligences with that soulful breadth that is unique to the collective human consciousness. You, the reader, shouldn't be driven away by boring text abandoned by philosophy and commentary. That's why this particular service relies on the best minds on the planet to thrive.

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