The Importance of Anchor Text in Content for Blogs

by Jenny on March 19, 2013

We see them all the time: hyperlinked texts that take us to another web page that may either be on the website we are looking at, or another website. They are often referred to as anchor text and are an important part of SEO that is often used in blog writing. When creating content for blogs or even general articles to use on your website, it is important that you consider the types of anchor texts you intend to use. Good anchor text choices and ethical practices will improve your page rank and give you a leading advantage online.

But how important are anchor texts and how do search engines see them to improve page rank? Think of anchor text as some type of reference: the more references you have pointing to a particular page, the more credible it looks to the search engines. You can either name this reference using specific keywords you researched using Google Keyword Tool or use a generic name. It is best to use well-researched keywords that reflect the niche the article is about or the article you intend to link to. When the search engines see this keyword, they are able to determine the niche you are in and also weigh how many pages are linking to the page you are linking to. If is important that linking is done naturally and that you vary the anchor texts you use in an article. Freelance blog writers can easily insert natural keywords into articles to ensure that you are not using the same ones to link to the same page.

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