The Importance of Content Providers in Guest Post Creation

by Jenny on March 15, 2013

Guest posting is becoming increasingly popular due to the many advantages associated with it. The growth in the number of people considering it as an alternative to article submission sites is largely due to poor ranks some of these sites have due to many search engine updates. While it can be a tedious task to find blogs or website owners that are willing to feature third party content, the rewards far outweigh the work involved when competent article writers are hired to write high quality content. Other important advantages of guest posting include:

  • Reach a varied audience: An authority website that has a large readership and thousands of unique visitors each month is an important online marketing tool. When content is developed with the help of content providers to copy the tone of the blog it is easy to reach their audience and generate valuable leads in the process for your products.
  • Improves page rank: Anchor texts that are placed in the body of the article or the author box can improve your page rank. This is known as backlinking.  Some website owners may not be too keen on linking back to your website, so it is important that you can either compromise or look elsewhere. Only keywords that are related to the websites niche and your niche should be used to create the anchor texts. Therefore, it is important that you hire content writer that not only knows how to create anchor texts, but also how to use the best keywords in your content to get good results.

It is important to select only the best websites or blogs to showcase your articles, Websites that have a low page rank and are banned in Google should be avoided. You can also consider the possibility of having your article published on the website’s social media accounts to reach more people


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