The Importance of LSI Terms in SEO Content Writing

by Jenny on March 1, 2013

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is an important part of SEO content writing that is often not considered in article writing. Instead when creating content, many people use the main keywords repeatedly. This can make writing tiresome and forced since inserting the main keyword in some areas is not a practical solution because of grammar and sentence structure issues.

LSI terms are synonyms that can be used alongside main keywords to make your content more natural and improve indexing in the search engines. Some people refer to them as secondary keywords and they can be as simple as a single word to long phrases. Their aim is to let the search engine see that the content is relevant because important terms that can be used are being used in it. To better understand this, think of the term “wooden doll’s house” as your primary keyword. You can express this as “doll’s house made from wood”, “using wood for doll’s house”, etc. As you can see all terms mean the same thing just that the structuring is different and the main keyword is not used.

LSI terms also help content writers to avoid repeating the same keyword and run the risk of keyword stuffing. Many people finding that writing naturally with main keywords can be a challenge and use the LSI terms as alternatives to make their work easier. Additionally, once the content is indexed in the search engines you will notice that both synonyms and main keywords are highlighted. This simply shows that the terms are ranked according to their relevance.

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